Fort Worth ISD Hides Transgender Curriculum From Parents; Students Prohibited From Taking Textbooks Home

Nearly two years to the day that Fort Worth ISD announced its infamous transgender policy in 2016, parents discovered the District has been teaching 5,000 sixth graders per year in, among other things, transgender ideology since 2016 – despite the District’s repeal of the transgender policy.

Parents at the McLean 6th Grade campus recently started hearing jaw-dropping reports from their students’ health class.  At the beginning of the school year, parents received a state-mandated Notice of Intent to Provide Human Sexuality Instruction that said:

The focus of these lessons is for the students to learn:

The consequences of sexual activity and the benefits of abstinence as the only means of totally avoiding pregnancy and STDs

Effective words and actions for resisting sexual pressure and remaining abstinent

How to use effective refusal skills to resist peer pressure

Sounds good…except when students recently started coming home and sharing what they were learning it didn’t match up with the Notice.  Students were told by school officials they could not take the Health textbook home.  They were even instructed not to take pictures of it in class.  At least one child was told to stop “tattling” to his parents.  And at least one parent was denied access to the book by their child’s teachers.  These actions raised additional concerns.

The school principal called in Georgi Roberts, the District’s Director of Health and Physical Education.  Ms. Roberts engaged in a Q&A period with parents at the school on Thursday, April 26.  When parents asked why students could not bring the textbooks home, Ms. Roberts replied, “How many of you can honestly say that if your child brought that book home every day it would go back the next day?”  Parents groaned and immediately pointed out students take home books everyday and return them the next.

What’s in the curriculum for 12 year olds?  Excerpts from the Teacher’s Guide and instructional Powerpoint slides labeled “Aspects of Sexuality” that were allegedly used in the Health class state (bolded in curriculum):

  • People can have different types of sexual attractions, or sexual orientations. They may be heterosexual or straight, gay or lesbian, or bisexual. Not being sexually attracted to anybody is also normal and OK.
  • How people see themselves in relation to being male or female is called gender identity. People who are transgender are born as one sex, but feel more like the other. Gender roles are ideas about how males or females should behave. These ideas can be influenced by a person’s family, culture, peers and society.
  • What if someone’s choices around sex, gender identity or feelings of attraction for others are different from yours?
  • Do you think it is important to respect the different ways individual people may express these aspects of their sexuality?
  • What might be the benefits of respecting these differences?
  • You may not make the same choices about sex, understanding someone’s feelings about his or her gender, or share the same sexual orientation, but respecting these differences creates an atmosphere of acceptance and support that can help all people understand sexuality, take care of their bodies, communicate clearly and achieve good sexual health.

Does this material sound similar to the Notice?  No.

Does this explain why textbooks aren’t allowed to go home?  Yes.

Fort Worth ISD is teaching the values of the sexual revolution when they teach, “You may not make the same choices about sex, understanding someone’s feelings about his or her gender, or share the same sexual orientation, but respecting these differences creates an atmosphere of acceptance.”  Forcing students and families to accept aspects of sexuality that violate sincerely held religious beliefs discriminates against thousands of Muslim, Jewish and Christian families in Fort Worth ISD.

Texas public school curriculum is governed by the Texas Education Code and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirements found throughout the Texas Administrative Code.  Section 28.004 of the Education Code says “a school district shall make all curriculum materials used in the district’s human sexuality instruction available for reasonable public inspection.”

Teaching kids about transgenderism is outside the scope of TEKS and should be off limits for public school classrooms.  Hiding it from parents or any member of the public is against the law.

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22 thoughts on “Fort Worth ISD Hides Transgender Curriculum From Parents; Students Prohibited From Taking Textbooks Home”

  1. What are we going to do about this? If this activity is illegal, and it sounds like it is, then measures should be taken to punish the criminals that have betrayed the trust of parents, hid the evidence of the deception from them, and breached the acceptable relationship between teacher and student. My children escaped this devious plot to shift the thinking of innocent victims but thousands did not and I want revenge. I was a part of those that overcame the FWISD board back in 2016. It was a notable victory that reached the WH. Now the same corrupt president of the board, appointed by a corrupt POTUS, is now secretly disrespecting the law of our state and poisoning the minds of our 6th graders. Please tell me he will be ousted once and for all.

    1. Good Word Kathy, And WOW can’t believe this is happening again ! The Superintendent was friends of Obama and on one of his committees, I forget which one. But that a scheme from Obama to try to infiltrate Texas. I’m shocked outraged at that, if my kids were still school age, As a parent I would be SO UP in someone’s face over that :-)! the teachers, and Principal of that school and the school board and Superintendent for sure 🙁 !!!
      We don’t actually live in the Ft Worth city limits but How do we get this this Superintendent and the other corrupt folks OUT? I’m guessing at the voting poles! Gotta get the word out to the public.

      1. Parents need to file a lawsuit! Can’t imagine the mental damage done; especially, if they are taught differently at home. We must not allow schools to get away with this.

    2. Since they broke the law, they need to be arrested and tried. They committed fraud on the parents which is also illegal.If there is no punishment for laws broken, then they will continue to break the law. Actions have consequence.I would hire a lawyer and sue them if the city government refuses to act.

    3. I think it is. I remember when studying the CSCOPE controversy a few years ago I read in the law code somewhere that parents have a right to view their children’s teachers’ current year curriculum materials from any date(s) upon request. I would think that to include the textbooks as well.

    4. NO LGBT curriculum should be taught, period! At any age or grade level. Our children are being targeted and we must put a stop to any and all liberal brainwashing or indoctrination.

  2. The whole group must go:
    School Board
    Administrative Staff
    Teachers who support this type of teaching

    I am ready to fight.

    Lets go!

  3. I am outraged to hear the Fort Worth school district pushing this strange agenda again of standing to parent our children without parents, discourage communications with parents while encouraging secretive behavior with staff which opens up opportunity for sexual abuse. This needs to be addressed immediately by the school board and superintendent. I am absolutely disgusted by this behavior.

  4. Satanism and the destruction of normalcy and moral values bei g taught to children by so called teachers. Sounds more perverted and like a hint of paedophilia to me.

    1. Isn’t that what predators tell their victims.?? Have our school districts become predators or supporters of predators???? This is SICK

  5. I agree. All that has been hidden will now be uncovered and brought to a complete end. You’re arrogant and have no right to violate the innocence of our children and the parent’s trust. Contrary to your indoctrination, these children are neither the wards nor the property of the state. It is the parent’s right to know at all times what is going on with their children. You have gone too far, it will not stand. All of your plans to force-feed these agendas now become dust at your feet.

  6. They lied to parents. Also, how dare they threaten students not to tell parents what they are being exposed to and taught. Not only that, but they are basically teaching and encouraging students to lie to parents and hide things from them. All of these people need to be immediately fired: School Board, Superintendent, Administrative Staff, and Teachers who support this type of teaching.

  7. I don’t care if it’s his abc’ s 123’s sex education a parent has every right to know what their child is being exposed to. The fact that they are telling students not to tell their parents about things they feel uncomfortable with is disgusting. The school should be held accountable for it’s actions.

  8. The Ft Worth School district is violating 3 federal laws and Superintendent, school board and school administration should all be charged. Title18 U.S.C. Section 241; Conspiracy Against Rights, Section 242; Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, and Section 247; Damage to Religious Property; Obstruction of Persons in Their Free Exercise of Religious Beliefs.

  9. This Obama-appointed superintendent is really pushing the transgender lifestyle. Makes me wonder what is going on in his house. Maybe Child protective Services should be called on him. In any case, he must go. The board of education should fire him now; not next year, next month but NOW!
    The contact information of all the board members is published on the web.

  10. How do we know it is only 6th graders? What are they teaching kindergartners and first graders that we don’t know?

  11. Please let us know of school board meetings where we can be heard! FWISD has completely run amok !

  12. I know one elementary school that let’s Transgenders come into the children’s class and read to them I don’t believe it’s here in Texas but hmmmm what do we really know what’s going on in the children’s classes
    I want to see resignations from superintendent to teachers that made the choice to do this without parents knowledge
    Charges pressed for making this decision that this is suitable for each child and not informing parents of what is taking place in our children’s education
    A apology from the superintendent, teachers and all others that were involved in asking our children to mislead all parents, lie to parents, and not let our children have the freedom to choose to do the right thing by ucrs4sus as parents and as in themselves
    And last but not least who the hell do you people in the fort Worth school district think you are to subject our children to this and to force them to learn this these are our children this is our future this is our school NOT YOURS WE PAY YOUR SALARY WE VOTE YOU IN SO GET OUT, YOU ALL ARE A DISGRACE,TO THIS DISTRICT WE WANT YOU GONE IMMEDIATELY POOF BE GONE

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